This is the original BloX3D NYC design. BloX3D NYC was born from the underground dirt bike culture in New York. No, it's not the video game blox3d. Having "BloX" is a term used to describe how well a rider can pop a wheelie. How far?  For city blocks. If he was good; the neighborhood would say "He got BloX".
 Later on, in this Blog Learn about "The Blox Effect" .
Just like Hip-Hop, this culture is about expression and lawlessness.
The BLoX3D NYC shirt was born, but our journey does not end here.
BLoX3D NYC designs are easily customized. With modern graphic design techniques, we are able to customize this design with ease.
What better way to express oneself then with a custom t-shirt?
Never before a custom t-shirt that looks so good, was offered with out the use of air brushed art.
In this day and age printshops are able to garment print without minimum orders.
Affordable designs in cooperation with affordable garment printing; makes for custom individual t-shirts.