Follow the link above to customize the colors of your Nike shoes. We can build a design, matching your shoes perfectly. A little more time is spent getting your shirt design to really match your shoes. This service cost a little more, considering it takes more time to blend the colors. The design above is a blend of six colors, making it look perfect with your Nikes shoes.

Only $20 more. Send a link to any shoe you would like matched. A $10 deposit is required before the blending begins. When your order is received, you will be sent an invoice through PayPal for the $10 nonrefundable deposit.


                                BloX3D NYC heart1 design.

This design is very cute. The Heart1 design is not too much different from the Heart2 design. With the Heart1 design being a little more calmer. The Heart2 design is a bit more hip-hop-ish. But nevertheless, both designs are pretty sweet. The Heart1 t-shirt is fit for all ages at $49.99..After a $5 nonrefundable deposit is made. The product will be posted for $44.99. It's a new age today. Never before has personalized 3D design t-shirts been an option at this price.
Each design showcased on this blog; can be personalized with ease. Meaning, anyone with little training could personalize these designs. Because the designs are already made, it only takes a small procedure to personalize it. The formula to personalize the Heart1 design takes about 15 minutes to complete. Later in this blog, I will be offering opportunities; but that is not the case at the moment. Here at BloX3D NYC we have a dream. Our dream is, a person should be able to personalize his or her whole wardrobe; simply by going to a department store and picking out the clothing. Then take the clothing to the counter, where they'll be asked: "how can we personalize this for you today?"  Till that day, BloX3D NYC is your only choice for personalized 3D design t-shirts.

Above is a 2018 design others below are old designs.


Ladies Blox3D NYC. Although the Blox1 and Empire State designs, have been worn by women. We wanted to add a line of designs                   mainly for the ladies.
    This page will showcase          The ladies BloX3D        NYC Heart2 design.

                                    In this design, personalize 2 names and 2 colors of the names.
                                               This design can be worn anywhere, even at work.
                                                 Don't try that with an airbrushed design unless,
                                                  you work somewhere you don't have to care.

 This design can be personalize in two different fonts,"Abduction"or" Babylon Industrial 2".
           If you are not sure which one you want, try them both too see . 
No more than two redesigns please.

 We are confident that you will be 100% satisfied.

 Our names are the most beautiful words in our language to ourselves. Make it a gift for her. 
           It takes 8 days from ordering to wearing. 8 days in most cases.
Only $49.99

                                                BloX3D NYC 
                                            Empire State Design


"The Blox Effect"
 is real. This design comes in two very different fonts.
It depends on your style of dress.
For a more urban hip-hop street look, you would go with the graffiti font.
Or you are looking for a more elegant look.
BloX3D NYC designs fits all styles of dress.
Just email the link to the design/product you like to 

To make sure there are no mistakes, we will email the link back
to you with your options for that design.
Keep in mind, you approve of the garment before purchase.
You will have 30 days to return it for a full refund.
If you paid with a credit card, Your card will be refunded.
No questions asked!
We are willing to redesign, so dont hesitate to ask.
We want you to be 100% satisfied, so you will tell a friend