Blox1 design
Pull over hoodies and zipper hoodies.
This design is for males only. If you see a female in a Blox3dnyc.com blox1 design the garment it probably her boyfriend's. Personalize this design with 2 names Primary/ Sub and 2 Colors. After a $10 nonrefundable deposit, is made. Work on the design will begin. When The product is done being designed. A photo of the finished product will be emailed to an email you provided. After you approve of the product an invoice from PayPal for $20 will be sent to you. After the $20 is paid, a link to the product at Artcow.com will be sent to you for  Zipper hoodie.$54.99. Pull over hoodie $49.99 Product cost are Zipper hoodie $84.99. Pull over $79.99. It may seem like a mistake, but the name is on the hood. Only on the Men's Zipper Hoodies.