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School bullying has become a real issue. With technology, there are more ways to make one's life unbearable. Go further into this blog to read more about "The Blox Effect".  This is a new age.
Personalized drawstring backpacks.  This Q product has been showcased before but this blog will get further in detail.  Requested by popular demand, only $ 50.95, after you pay a nonrefundable $5  deposit. The product will be posted for $45.95. Personalize it with one of Blox3dnyc.com designs. (Blox1) (Empire state) (Heart1) (Heart2) (Urban star) (Robot Electricity) Designs. This product is priced to offer a FREE Cell Phone Screensaver.  Check out our other designs on backpacks by visiting our shop on Zazzle


(Robot Electricity)

Urban star design. AkA USD

Empire State

            Urban star design. AkA USD
The hustle cards have been a long time in the making. The vision started when qp lived in far rock aka Far Rockaway Queens NYC. The vision started in the streets, where a fast way to exchange cell numbers was needed. Everyone had a cell at this time in the 2000s, everyone that mattered; that is. Instead of finding a pen/pencil, so one can take the number or exchange numbers by calling the number so the numbers would be on each other's phone. Hope anyone waiting for a bus/train would still be waiting when the number exchange took place. Why not have a card to exchange? Before, only an elite few had a card, but it has all changed now. Blox3dnyc.com is now offering the ("Hustle" card). These cards would have less info than a good business card. A hustle card would have nothing more than a cell number also a design to relay a givers persona. First set of  100 will be $104.55 After a nonrefundable deposit of $5 is made every set after will be posted for $20.55. Each first order of "Hustle" cards comes with a custom CSS AkA cell screen saver. 30 days after purchase is made. Most designs can be personalized with 2 names, a Sub /Primary and 2 colors.


Blox1 Design
Empire state designs
Each Qproduct purchased will come with a free Cell Phone Screen Saver. 30 days after your purchase a Free CPSS will be sent to the email you provide.
Whatever Blox3dnyc.com design you select will be your screen saver.