Personalized 3 Ring Binders
School kids love to be Individuals and sometimes they do negative things to be that individual.
Blox3dnyc.com is all about individuality. Personalized 3 ring binders are a perfect way to tell everyone to "Notice" and to "Never forget." and "I have friends" "So don't mess with me." Its hip-hop. " The Blox Effect " Is Blox3dnyc.com's answer to Bullying. Go further into the blog to learn more about "The Blox Effect"
Price include personalization and a  Money back guarantee. To make an order, email the link of the deign/product you want to qproduct@live.com. We will respond with your options for the design/product. Product cost is $53.10 After a nonrefundable deposit of $5 is made. Product will be posted for $48.10.

Below is our Urban star design
This design is Unisex.
Looks great for males and females

    Personalized Phone Cases
Our love for our phone is evident. We keep in touch with our lives. To some, the monthly phone bill is the only bill worth paying. To see available phone cases, click on the banner below. Check here to see if your phone is able to be personalized by Blox3dnyc.com.
Phone Cases
Personalize your phone case with one of  Blox3dnyc.com designs. Some would say our designs look Ratchet and Ghetto. We say thanks. Our designs come from that dirty water in NYC. Whether it is a (Hustle card) (Twerk Shorts)or a (drawstring back pack) Blox3dnyc.com is for the hood around the world.  Hip-Hop!

              Urban star design
              This design is a unisex design. Looks great in any color.
Blue design is female heart1/2 design.
Below is an elite design. Elite designs are more expensive.
Below is our
Blox1 design

To order, simply send a email too Qproduct@live.com with the link to the design/product. We will respond with your options