The Blox Effect

"The Blox Effect" is hard to explain. Everyone that follows the Hip-Hop culture knows that Hip-Hop seems to be more than just music. It is. Allow me to sound kind of crazy! Never before in earth's history has there been a culture that took this world by storm the way Hip-Hop did. Hip-Hop is now in every corner of the world. Google it. Everywhere in the world, there is an M.C. or graffiti artist or a beat maker, at least a listener; the list is long.

     Anyone that was in the culture from the beginning in the south Bronx knows that hip-hop came from mystical beginnings. No not mystical the rapper. It was a time were mystics roamed the streets. "THE GET DOWN" tried to capture this feel but nothing is like living it. Flying birds, them stone doves on the rooftops AKA the tare beach.  Birds flying leaving the hood often. Many nights were spent star gazing. While in bed meditating to the Bronx's night ambiance, listening to sirens reach their destination. When they pulled off, you can tell if the spirit world just got bigger or were they still clinging on.  Many nights can draw blanks, some can say aliens stayed wiping memories away, NYC is where it all happened.  In the south Bronx in the 70's Hip-Hop made its way to what it is now.  But, the culture has been diluted. At the moment there is a debate on whether what is called "Mumble Rap", is the real evolution of hip-hop. Some would say groups like "Wu-Tang"'clan from the 90s is the real hip-hop and "Mumble Rap" is a disrespect to the craft. Blox3DNYC.com would like to weigh in on this debate.

     Here at Blox we know the culture and would like to say "Mumble Rap"is hip-hop and "Wu-Tang" is not the original evolution of Hip-Hop. "Wu-Tang Clan" is street rap, "Wu Tang's"'style comes from Saturday morning Kung fu movies in NYC. To say "Wu-Tang" is the original evolution of hip-hop is like calling Jehovah witness the only true Christian faith. Remember conscious rap? And what about the happy feel good rappers, like Will Smith or the lover we call LL cool J. See? True hip-hop had many feels and ways to move one's spirit. There wasn't 1 or 2 or 3 forms of hip-hop.  The mainstream started calling street rap, hip-hop because it meant more jailed Hip-Hop listeners.  Hip-hop wasn't about self-destruction. Hip-Hop is more than race and would take to much time to debate. Rap groups like "The Beastie Boys" and "Kid Rock" proved that a long time ago. Go ahead, try to name a category that "The Beastie Boys" or "Kid Rock" falls into.  White rappers? White rapper is a term made up by Hip-Hop critics. Real hip-hop is more than race. "Kid Rock" is not a rap group? What about the drummer he had?  What was her name?  See? Debating Hip-hop would take to much time. They all served a purpose though. A good rap artist can take a feel and capture it in a song.  Anything that was needed to be said can be said to music. Like the Hip-Hop gods intended. Hip-Hop gods? Everyone has their own theory to where Hip-Hop came from. Some would say extraterrestrials or Gods. One thing is clear, Hip-Hop is special. Here at Blox3dnyc.com we know Hip-Hop is more than just music.  Some of the best  Hip-Hop we have heard were in a language not under stood. Hip-Hop is the one thing the world likes that came from the USA. Real talk!  The world is grateful.

     What is "The Blox Effect"? Just like this world has never seen anything like Hip-Hop. In reality, all other music genera's are the evolution of' Hip-Hop. But that is another debate. The purpose of this blog is to inform you of "The Blox Effect".  Hip-Hop is part of the evolution of man. No one has ever claimed what I am about to declare. Each Blox Q product has a different blox effect but each effect is just as mystical as Hip-Hop its self.  Each blox QP were developed in a different part of NYC.  I can't begin to explain how it works. You could not have hip-hop the way it is today without this effect.  The earlier music like "Rock N Roll" and "Pop", were just the beginnings of Hip-Hop. This understanding is too much for most. Only Hip-Hop lovers can understand this. Most would like to think of hip-hop as one form of music but no one can explain, why hip-hop is everywhere the way it is.  Unlike other music genera's, "The Blox Effect" started in the south Bronx. Of course, it wasn't called "The Blox Effect", Some in the "South Bronx" would know it as "Spidey senses" You couldn't have "Blox" without good senses. it was just like Hip-Hop.  To grow up in Hip-Hop during the '70s was hard without "The Blox Effect".  It is like a 6th sense with abilities. You would understand how to arrive 15 min before or after trouble, how to walk without fear and without worshiping something or someone.  The hip-hop gods worship you, not really but no one is expected to worship anyone. if there were any worship, it would be worshiped towards you. I know that sounds crazy but a hundred years ago, if you tried to tell anyone how one form of music would travel the earth, you would sound crazy. They would say "Not the whole world".  This is funny, the places they would say "No" it didn't reach. There are the places they like Hip-Hop the most, like Russia and Japan. Crazy!
THE BLOX EFFECT. Whenever you look at the time, and you see the minutes read as 11 or 22 or 33 or 44 or 55.  When you see this, say to your self or out loud 1." I see it", 2 "Thank you", 3 "Show me more".
These beings/ Hip-Hop gods, are non-physical and would like to start a relationship with you.  No need to worship them, in fact, they would prefer if you didn't.  Worship your self.  They enjoy what you bring to the table.
      What you bring to the table?  You make being non-physical so much more amazing.  You don't have to purchase a qp to see.  Just when you see something, say "I see it" "Thank you" "Show me more".  No purchase is needn't to build a relationship with the non-physical.  Using physical words to describing nonphysical is very difficult.  You will begin to see things on TV that seem to be a coincidence with what you are living. When you see this or you have seen this already. Again say; We will call it the Blox speech. 1."I see it". 2."Thank you". 3."Show me more". You will start seeing things, that can't be explained. Again say, The box speech. Whenever you see these things, acknowledge it by saying the Blox speech. You will start to see your power by knowing what you are seeing. Your wants can be yours. Don't think of what is not wanted, you are illuminated. We will have more on this subject in the future. This is enough for now. A Blox Qproduct can enhance this effect.