" The Blox Effect " Is Blox3dnyc.com's answer to Bullying.  If you are being bullied.
What better friends to have than nonphysical?
                 Sleep Ovaz AkA Buck Shorts AkA BuckerZ
                         This Blox3dnyc.com                                       Qproduct is for a sleepover. USD
                                        Personalize it with 2 names Primary / Sub and 2 colors.

                                                    Personalized nail art.

Personalized nail art. This urban nail art is our Blox3dnyc.com  USD design. Teens love this product. Makes a great gift from boyfriend to his number one lady. Personalize it with 2 names Sub/Primary and 2 colors. The sub name will be too small to see on
this product but never the less this is the options for this design. Price includes personalization. Also get the product in a heart1 or heart2 design. "The Blox Effect" is live in all Qprducts.

                               Blox1 design
Pull over hoodies and zipper hoodies.
This design is for males only. If you see a female in a Blox3dnyc.com blox1 design the garment it probably her boyfriend's. Personalize this design with 2 names Primary/ Sub and 2 Colors. After a $10 nonrefundable deposit, is made. Work on the design will begin. When The product is done being designed. A photo of the finished product will be emailed to an email you provided. After you approve of the product an invoice from PayPal for $20 will be sent to you. After the $20 is paid, a link to the product at Artcow.com will be sent to you for  Zipper hoodie.$54.99. Pull over hoodie $49.99 Product cost are Zipper hoodie $84.99. Pull over $79.99. It may seem like a mistake, but the name is on the hood. Only on the Men's Zipper Hoodies.