Zazzle.com just brought back the custom shoes!  We are so happy, considering that the custom shoes have been our best sellers.  The new Zazzle shoes are easier to personalize than the shoes they had before because they do not have that red/black/white Pro ked emblem.  Designers always complained about that flaw.  But now, that is not the case. $150.95.

 Money back guarantee. To make an order, email the link to the design/product you want to qproduct@live.com. We will respond with your options for the design/product. Product cost is $150.95 After a nonrefundable deposit of $5 is made. The product will be posted for $145.95.                                                             

Empire state

Urban star 

                                                                         Grass patch

This is blox3dnyc.com Elite design. More time is spent on this design, a difference that can be seen as a screensaver. This design is in a higher resolution than normal blox designs. With more vivid colors, this design is sure to make any product pop. The 3D in a elite design is more evident.

Elite Male

Elite Female

The first 2 shoes are our Heart2 shoe design, with a heart clipart design by Qproduct.
In this design, personalize it with 2 names and 2 colors of the names. Although the second name will
be too hard to see on this product with out holding the shoes to your face. Becuase this is our Blox3dnyc.com Heart2 design, this is the options for this design.

 Personalized Nike Backpacks and Drawstring bags.
Drawstring bags are not by Nike.
Personalize the bags with whatever design you see here at Blox3dnyc.com.
Communication is key when dealing with Blox3dnyc.com.
Because we offer so many options and products, it is very hard to offer it all without communication. No one is offering it all as we do. Browse hundreds of products on Zazzle.com and Spreadshirt.com to make sure you get what you want or anywhere online. If you see a product online that you want Blox3dnyc.com to personalize, remember "Communication" is key.

Although Blox3dnyc.com is well known for its custom personalized design, we also have an elite design market plan. Spreadshirt.com and Zazzle.com are filled with our designs. Blox3dnyc.com is worldwide. Everywhere there is Hip-Hop, there is a Blox3D NYC design. We are becoming well known for futuristic, affordable Hip-Hop design. No one is on our level of affordable urban personalized design. Our vision to equip the world with 3D Hip-Hop design and to inform people of "The Blox Effect" is unparalleled. What's hot and what's not is Hip-Hop. No other personalized t-shirt shop knows or loves Hip-Hop more than Blox3dnyc.com. Lose your self in the music genre you call Hip-Hop. Blox3dnyc.com lets go!!!

Our designs in the market place on spreadshirt.com are priced to be affordable at 0.05.
What this mean is, you can open your own shop on spreadshirt.com using our designs and sell for whatever price you like. Just pay a 0.05 comission to us.
Find our designs on speadshirt.com by searching "qproduct" in their design market place.

                           Because Blox3dnyc.com is a very unique service, communication is the key.
                       Choose your product and design then email blox3dnyc.com at qproduct@live.com
                                                       We will respond with your options.
                   Custom under garments are from zazzle. http://www.zazzle.com/qproductgraphics


                                        Personalize this design with 1 name and 1 color; 2 font options.
                                                                               Font 1
                                                                               Font 2

This is our Blox3dnyc.com "Robot electricity" design.
In this design, your options are limited.  You can only personalize this design with just a name. This design only come in 1 color set.  Maybe in the future, we will offer this design in multiple colors.

   $49.99 This design is
    Perfect for young ladies.

Visit shop to see the garment options. Too many to post in this blog.

The whiteness around the design does not show up on the shirt because it is not there. I don't understand why it shows on the blog but it doesn't matter. Each shirt comes with a no-questions asked money back guarantee.   So if you are not happy, simply return the garment for a full refund. This design does not come with a cell screen saver.

This is our BloX3D NYC.com "Grass patch" design.
This design is perfect for women and great for children garments.

$46.40  To have this design on a baby onesie
         Ladies T-shirt are only $49.99. Other garments, the price varies.         

Personalize this design with 1 name and 2 colors. Visit shop for garment/shirt color options